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My handmade Bamboo rods will be available to demo on every guided trip !


Float trips take place on the Upper Delaware River:  East Branch, West Branch and Main Steam. The largest of all the rivers in our system full of WILD rainbow and brown trout. The float trip allows you to experience multiple sections of the river using all types of tactics. The real allure of the float trip is the sense of adventure as you take in the beauty of the Delaware River Valley and encounter bald eagles, white tailed deer and black bear​.


FULL DAY    $575


There are over 20 plus miles of the Willowemoc and Beaverkill river to wade. These are the most hallowed fly fishing waters in the country. You will be fishing the same waters as the Legends of our sport; Lee & Joan Wulff, Harry Darby, Walt Dette, Eric Lieser, Art Flick and Barry Fetterolf just to name a few. These waters have reliable mayfly hatches and that makes for some of the best dry fly fishinging anywhere.  



Four Hour session   $425

Get ready for a real adventure and the opportunity to catch an exceptional fish. If you have never experienced the river at night the stars will never look so bright and the river so tranquil. 

We launch the boat around 8:00 PM and  get the last rise and then stay out until its done usually 2 or 3 :00 AM.

You will be throwing 3"-6" long mouse paterns with a slow swimming retrive on a 6-8 wt rod. 

Mouse Trip          $600.

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