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Fly Fishing Lessons

Learn to fly fish in the Catskill tradition with instructors certified and trained at the Wulff Fly Fishing School. Weather you are a novice or an accomplished seasoned angler we can help. From the roll cast to the double haul and everything in between. Learn how to rig the leader for dry fly or nymphing. How to present the fly in a natural drag free manor. The proper method of catch and release. Most important etiquette and ethics while on the river.

Introduction To Fly Fishing         2 hours

  • Equipment Orientation

  • 1 hour casting instruction (the roll cast)

  • Leader Theory

  • Mayfly life cycle

  • 1 hour of fishing instruction

  • Etiquette & Ethics

Beginner Lesson           2 or 4 hours

  • Basic & Roll Cast Instruction

  • Leader Rig Up

  • Mayfly Life Cycle

  • Fishing

  • Proper Catch and Release Techniques

Intermediate Lesson      4 hours

  • 4 hours on the river

  • The double haul

  • Shooting Line

  • Advanced Mending and Presentation

  • Advanced Leader Theory

  • Fishing

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